Rahul Khan and Sahil Chaudhary Of Lulumolu Entertainment welcome actor Mushtaq Khan as ‘Talent India Talent Hunt’ judge

Rahul Khan & Ibadur Rehman (Sahil Chaudhary) Of Lulumolu Entertainment have announced a major development regarding their talent hunt show ‘Talent India Talent Hunt’. Veteran actor, Mushtaq Khan has been brought on board as one of the judges of the show.





Mushtaq Khan has been active in Bollywood for more than four decades. He has made a great name for himself in the industry with his exceptional acting skills. As one of the topmost actors in the industry, Mushtaq is one of the best people to become a judge on this huge reality show. Rahul Khan, the director of the show shares his excitement as he welcomes Mushtaq Khan to the show. “It’s a pleasure to have a legend like Mushtaq Khan as one of the judges of our reality show ‘Talent India Talent Hunt’. We needed someone experienced and someone who understands all the nuances of acting and who is better than Mushtaq Sir to do it?” he says.
“Sir has been an integral part of hundreds of Bollywood films and has made the audience laugh andcry. We are delighted to have him in our team and are so excited to shoot with him.” Rahul adds.

Ibadur Rehman says, “I’ve grown up watching the movies of Mushtaq Sir and have always cherished his performance as an actor. It feels incredible to have him as an integral part of our show. I couldn’t have asked for better.”

Mushtaq Khan also shares that he feels delighted to join the show which aims to promote the best young talent in India. “I feel ecstatic to join Talent India Talent Hunt and look forward to enjoying the talent of our country’s excellent artists,” says Mushtaq. The veteran actor also thanks Paris Entertainment India and Lulumolu Entertainment for giving him the pleasure to be a judge of the show and sent his best wishes to everyone who is preparing to participate.




An announcement regarding the rest of the judges will be made soon. Rahul Khan and Ibadur Rehman together have conceptualised Talent India Talent Hunt as one of its kind reality show which will not just look for the best talent but will also do everything to promote them. TITH will look for artistes from every nook and corner of the nation.




The auditions will be online which means that anyone from any city or village in the nation can get an opportunity to present their talent. To participate, visit Lulumolu.com, click on the banner of Talent India Talent Hunt and register yourself for the audition. Moreover, the reality show is not limited to a specific talent but will cover 3 arts i.e. acting, singing and dancing.




Once the auditions are complete, the selected candidates will move on to the next rounds which will be telecasted on a noted TV channel. Keeping in mind that only the public decides whether an artist is good or not, the voting lines will be kept open for the audience.




At the end of the show, three contestants will be rewarded. The top contestant will be given a cash prize of Rs 3 lakhs, the first runner-up will be rewarded with Rs 1.5 lakhs and the second runner-up will be given Rs 1.5 lakhs and too.

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